3 – 10cc Teeth Whitening Gel 22 % CP Syringes

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Clinically  proven to whiten teeth faster!

Lightens  teeth dramatically and safely!

Immediate  Results!

Your  Purchase Includes:

3 – 10cc Teeth Whitening Gel 22 % CP Syringe

(Enough bleaching gel for 7–14 daily whitening applications)

Instructions Sheet

This listing for a GEL ONLY!


To purchase trays or a complete kit, please visit: OUR STORE!

Why Our Product?

Florida Laboratories has been providing quality dental professional strength oral products for 20 years. Our innovative teeth whitening system supplies users with all the tools they need to safely and affordably whiten teeth at home. Our gels are the same strength used in dental offices which charge $600+ per treatment.

     Our gel is made fresh daily with a two year shelf life.

    20 years (2 decades) in the dental field

  We formulate with 100% pure formula. No fillers or additives used.


Superior Teeth Whitening Gel 22% formula in 3 count Syringe dispensers 10cc each. Your solution for a whiter smile at home with Florida Lab’s professional whitening kit. Blue or White LED Light Accelerators, Silicone and Thermoforming Trays also available at Order Now. Fast Shipping.

Florida Laboratories, Inc. 

We Provide Professional at Home Teeth Whitening Kits & Supplies

Highest Quality of Raw & Kosher Certified Manufacturing Chemicals

Plus Speedy Shipping Nationwide

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